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Debit Direct Canada Franchise Opportunity

Debit Direct Canada Franchise Opportunity

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Business Ownership and Income Made Easy Through Business and Franchise Opportunities
If earning a monthly income with minimal effort and risk sounds good to you, welcome to Debit Direct Canada (DDC). Our debit terminal business owners generate a minimum average percentage of 15%* or more annually by being involved in point of sale (POS) debit machines that pull in revenue via convenience fees.

If you’re ready to earn a steady, safe and secure second income or start your own business, DDC will assist in getting the locations, the POS machines, all required maintenance, servicing and a return of at least 15%* annually.. Be involved at whatever level is best for you today; different packages of debit terminals are always available.

How It Works
As a stable, highly credible, professional and proven company, we place point of sale devices (POS machines) in retail locations, restaurants, bars, gas stations, variety stores, etc. to serve all merchant and customer needs.

Your DDC debit terminal business in your selected package of POS machines then generates monthly revenue via convenience fees. Because nothing is required of debit terminal owners beyond selecting their locations, each owner forms a passive business arrangement with DDC and is part of our POS Arrangement Program. As a partner, you then earn a percentage of all the convenience fees plus a percentage of the merchant ‘usage’ fees DDC collects.

Key Facts:

DDC POS locations do between 700-900 transactions per month on average
15%* is the minimum average a debit terminal owner earns per annum
To get started in the POS Arrangement Program, you simply select the number of locations that you would like. You know exactly where your locations are before you even get involved as a debit terminal owner. You can expand your business whenever you want by simply adding locations just like any other business. DDC has debit terminal owners just like you; owners that started with eight or 10 locations and now have over 100 locations in their business. Isn’t it time to do what they’ve done – start building wealth right now!

Now’s the time to get involved in a debit terminal business sounds like a plan for you – then sit back and watch your business grow at your rate! You’re earning revenues at a minimum of 15%* average percentage to you from convenience fees!

Why are we in this business?
The economy is rapidly becoming paperless and more and more convenience fees are processed electronically. For this reason over the last decade we took an integral role in helping create the online payment processing industry and designed many of the charging systems. Our POS machines are state-of-the-art wireless machines and focused on the future needs of consumers, merchants, businesses and debit terminal owners.

As a practical and transparent company, we direct deposit convenience fees you have earned into your bank account monthly and provide an outline of transactions per machine and convenience fees, as well as overall profits from each machine’s monthly transactions.

* In the past the average Passive Business Arrangement Client has earned a minimum of 15% per year

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