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Instant Imprints – Everything You Need To Promote

Instant Imprints – Everything You Need To Promote

About Our Business

Promotional marketing is everywhere you look throughout your community. High school spiritwear, community posters, company golf shirts, restaurant signage… the applications are endless! Instant Imprints supplies all items fundamental to the promotional marketing industry.

For a long time the promotional marketing industry was comprised of independent shops in hard-to-find locations with limited offerings. Instant Imprints has created a full-service promotional marketing company by merging all promotional categories into one efficient business model. This effective approach allows Instant Imprints’ franchisees to focus on business growth through exemplary customer service.

Our innovative approach also makes it easier and more cost-efficient for our customers to fulfill all of their promotional needs in one place. From custom apparel and event banners to trade show displays, uniforms, pens, mugs, business cards, hats, brochures, etc. Instant Imprints’ dynamic new model for promotional marketing brings any brand to life with customized products and services.

Unit Franchise
Our business development strategy awards franchisees an individual license within a protected territory.

Multi-Unit Franchise
Multi-Unit Franchisees operate multiple centers within a protected area. The Multi-Unit opportunity is a larger initial investment with greater incentives and rewards, including reduced franchise fees.

Area Franchise
We offer exclusive Area Franchise Licenses, on a regional basis, to qualified individuals. As an Area Franchisee, you will recruit Unit/Multi-Unit Franchisees to develop and operate Instant Imprints centers within your geographical area. You will also own and operate a Pilot Center to provide franchisee training in your territory for a minimum of two years. The Area Franchisee shares revenues generated from initial and ongoing franchise fees, royalties, resale fees, training fees, and transfer fees generated through their local franchise network.

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